Avoid unpleasant encounters

We recommend that you remove your jewelry before any activity that may damage it, such as sport, swimming pool or beach, but also housekeeping or gardening. Beware of shocks, which cause marks and scratches of varying depth. Similarly, several pieces of jewelry worn or stored in contact with each other may scratch or catch one another.

Finally, to slow down the natural oxidation effect, avoid exposing your jewelry to moisture, intense heat, and contrasts in temperature. Make it a habit to remove your jewelry before washing your hands, and for example before a sauna or steam room session.

Protect it from harmful products

Cosmetic products can alter certain organic materials such as pearls or porous stones. This is why we advise you to wait about ten minutes after applying cosmetics and perfumes before putting your jewelry on. To preserve the appearance of your jewelry, protect it from corrosive and chemical products such as salt water and bleach. If it does come into contact with one of these products, carefully rinse your jewelry with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Give it the right conditions to make it last

When you are not wearing it, store it in its original box or in individual pouches to protect your jewelry from humidity and extreme heat.