Retro Chic x The British Museum

In a harmonious collaboration with the British Museum, Retro Chic draws inspiration from the exquisite artifacts housed within the museum's collection, extracting the iconic bee totems from the ancient Minoan civilization of Greece. Infused with the enigmatic hues of the Aegean Sea, they have crafted an exclusive limited-edition jewelry collection, paying homage to the resplendent myths of ancient Greek civilization.

Bee Priestess Collection

Honey Bee Collection

In ancient Greek mythology, it is told that after Zeus was born, he lived in a cave on the island of Crete in Greece, nurtured and raised by the Melissae, the divine beings of bees. As he grew older, Zeus bestowed upon humanity the honey produced by the bees, making it the food of the gods. From then on, bees were revered as sacred creatures by the ancient Greeks and were hailed as the deities of the people's collective spirit.


Honey Bee Collection

Wave Kisses Jewelry Set

Poseidon Jewelry Set