Retro Chic

Retro Chic is a jewellery brand originating from Florence, Italy. Inspired by classical elements inherited from the 7,000-year-old spectacular jewellery history. Retro Chic wishes to share this legacy with modern women and empower them in their daily lives.

Crafted Excellence

In conjunction with traditional Italian family workshops and artisans, RC insists on using traditional hand craftsmanship to repeatedly polish and structure each piece through 32 detailed production processes to bring the most exquisite pieces of design to the collection.

Classical Essence

The principle of RC jewellery design embodies modernity and nouveau interpretation of their classical counterparts. Classical motifs are extracted and reinterpreted with reference to modern fashion aesthetics. In combining unique materials, artisan techniques and innovative design, each piece of jewellery works as object to evoke various positive ethos of the past and present.